Emergency Survival

Minor Update to my Emergency Survival Kit

One of the key aspects that has me successfully build an emergency survival kit is the fact that I make regular, steady acquisitions and improvements every month – without fail.  Sometimes, the items on my list to build a survival kit look a bit silly and working through the list isn’t very glamorous.  Sometimes, you […]

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Condiments from my Survival Kit List

My survival kit list budget has taken a hit due to the dip in the economy.  I consider my survival kit list and emergency essentials a critical part of my family wealth and protection planning so I’m unwilling to just reduce the budget to $0. My original monthly budget for my survival kit building was […]

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Water Purification Kit

Clean water is essential to survival and a water purification kit is the best way to get clean, drinkable water.  Unclean water can lead to bacterial or viral infestation which then leads to diaharrea which then leads to dehydration which then creates a viscious cycle repeating itself as you seek more water.  There are a […]

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