Minor Update to my Emergency Survival Kit

One of the key aspects that has me successfully build an emergency survival kit is the fact that I make regular, steady acquisitions and improvements every month – without fail.  Sometimes, the items on my list to build a survival kit look a bit silly and working through the list isn’t very glamorous.  Sometimes, you just have to do the dishes and get the emergency survival kit built.






Buckets for an Emergency Survival Kit

White 5 Gallon Buckets for my Emergency Survival Kit
White Plastics Buckets to Build My Survival Kit

This month’s addition to my emergency survival kit is simple – plastic 5 gallon buckets.  They have a multitude of great uses including the ability to store and transport other items.  While I do have larger 18 gallon containers, they would be too heavy to carry when filled with water.  Five gallons weighs about 42 pounds.  Why four buckets?  Because that’s how many I could buy and stay within my $25/month budget.  This system for building an emergency preparedness kit is pretty easy!



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Summary of Minor Update to my Emergency Survival Kit

I make updates to my emergency survival kit every month.  This month was a very unglamorous set of white, five gallon plastic buckets.  Their usefulness and utility in an emergency preparedness kit is very high – think about how many you already have scattered around your house.  The system to build my survival kit progresses each month.

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Condiments from my Survival Kit List

My survival kit list budget has taken a hit due to the dip in the economy.  I consider my survival kit list and emergency essentials a critical part of my family wealth and protection planning so I’m unwilling to just reduce the budget to $0. My original monthly budget for my survival kit building was $100. So, I’ve changed my monthly budget for adding items from my survival list to build my survival kit from approximately $100/month to just $25/month. There are a ton of smaller items on my list that I can easily acquire for a mere $25/month.


Survival Kit List Extras

Survival Kit List Condiments
Small Extra Additions to the Survival Kit List

I’ve invested quite a bit in emergency kit food of the best quality that I could find. That said, and I haven’t tried any of it yet, I imagine that it’s going to be pretty bland.

I like spicy food and I doubt that I’m going to enjoy the out-of-the-bag experience of the taste of my emergency preparedness food so I’m ticking another couple of items off of my survival list with a small collection of condiments.



Emergency Food Condiments

From my survival kit list, I’ve included the following favorite items

  • garlic powder
  • fajita seasoning (a mild mix of salt, pepper and spices)
  • season salt
  • sugar
  • black pepper
  • iodized salt
  • hot sauce
  • sugar and cinnamon mix

I’m not a big fan of sweetness but I have a wife and two daughters and keeping them (relatively) happy during a tough time with a little sweetness on the survival kit list might just make things a little easier for all of us.



Water Purification Kit

Clean water is essential to survival and a water purification kit is the best way to get clean, drinkable water.  Unclean water can lead to bacterial or viral infestation which then leads to diaharrea which then leads to dehydration which then creates a viscious cycle repeating itself as you seek more water.  There are a variety of different methods for cleaning water – from boiling it to treating it to filtering it.


Sawyer Water Purification Kit

Sawyer Water Purification Kit

There was one key aspect missing from my basic survival kit – a water purification kit. There are numerous options and approaches. From simple chlorine tablets to very complex and expensive filtration and distillation systems. I chose a middle of the road model from Sawyer.

I particularly like this unit for my survival kit because it can process four liters at a time, it is small enough to be easily portable, it is easy to clean by back flushing and it is good of millions of uses.
It will be especially useful for the tea and coffee I stored earlier.

Problems with Water Purification Kits

There are some problems with water purification kits.  The most obvious problem with filter based kits is the need for either replacement filters or a method for cleaning the water filter.  This water purification kit has a reverse operation method that flushes the filter quite a few times prior to needing to replace the water filter.
Another problem with water purification kits is the taste of the water.  Filtered water has a distinctly different taste than what most of us are used to.  Since that’s the case, I highly recommend that you include some condiments in your survival kit list.  Clean water is absolutely a required part of any survival situation.  I highly recommend that you add a water purification kit to your survival kit list.