Rain Drip Irrigation

Install an Inexpensive Home Garden Drip Irrigation System

Being successful with a deck container garden in the brutal Texas heat is tough. I’m convinced, that without my inexpensive drip irrigation system, my plants would just wither and blow away. I’m also very grateful that it was easy to install my home garden irrigation system, simple to maintain and quite inexpensive. The planter boxes irrigation is going well, plants are all growing well and starting to produce – although not at the level that would seem to make this anything more than a hobby. I’m still not sure of the tricks needed to fine tune a drip irrigation system for container garden to reach a steady volume of enough to put food on the table.

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Drip Irrigation and Shades for the Container Garden

Texas Heat and Drip Systems for Decks and Containers The deck container garden is coming along nicely.  It’s been quite hot and dry in Central Texas and the drip system for deck and containers that I use has been very helpful.  Every plant, except the strawberries, has a planter box irrigation emitter and has bloomed.  […]

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Starting the Deck Container Garden

Starting the Deck Container Garden After reading the book I mentioned above, I decided to go ahead with the deck container garden – henceforth known as the Deck Garden – because I put it on the deck behind my house. I decided to use Rubbermaid 18 gallon containers and a simple drip irrigation system. For […]

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