Rain Drip Irrigation

Rainwater Collection and Rain Harvesting Improvements for Rain Drip Irrigation

I’ve finished the next step implementing my rainwater collection and harvesting to supply my rain drip irrigation system. I made a few improvements in the rain harvesting collection system and expanded the piping system to run a water supply down to the raised bed garden. Previously, I had installed my own drip irrigation system when […]

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Deck Garden Drip Irrigation System Update and Season Change

It appears that the long hot Texas Summer is finally drawing to a close and it’s time to consider what I’m going to do with my deck garden and rain drip irrigation system for Fall.  If I can find some tomatoes I’ll plant those.  My deck container planter boxes really aren’t large enough to effectively […]

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Drip Irrigation Check Valves & Soil Temperature in Containers

Soil Temperature in Containers Drip Irrigation Can be Tough During a Texas Summer The Texas Summer heat is brutal and most of the plants are suffering.  To add insult to injury, my irrigation system for flower boxes and container gardens failed at the drip irrigation check valves and faucet connection as well.  Drastic action was […]

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