Rain Drip Irrigation

New and Expanded 2014 Season for Rainwater Collection Drip Irrigation Garden

It’s that time of the year to fire up my raised bed garden and make sure my rainwater collection system is ready to feed my garden drip irrigation.  I’ve expanded my rainwater collection system from 1000 gallons to 4000 gallons.  I have a couple of new things to test this year and I’m excited! I’m […]

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Raised Bed Garden and Rainwater Collection and Garden Drip Irrigation Lessons Learned 2013

Another season of the raised bed garden has come and gone. I learned a lot of lessons this year and benefitted from lessons learned in previous years.  The raised bed garden was a success and we got enough rain for the rainwater collection system to be more than adequate to run my garden drip irrigation […]

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Rain Drip Irrigation Installed in Square Foot Garden

I really enjoy my gardening and learning more with my projects – especially as it relates to rain drip irrigation and square foot gardening. There is always something to learn. Yes, the setbacks are disappointing but there are occasional wins and doing and sharing these with my daughters is really fun and provides us some […]

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