Rain Drip Irrigation

New Rain Drip Irrigation for Orchard and Garden

Spring arrives and it is time to use all the rain drip irrigation water that I stored during the Fall and Winter.  It’s also time to expand the garden and build a new orchard and vineyard. Building More Rain Drip Irrigated Square Foot Gardens Square foot gardens are easy to build and much easier to […]

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Dirt Gardens and Raindrip Irrigation

The Dog Days of Summer reach their peak in August and chase me into the house to think and reflect on what I’ve done and learned in my gardens with rainwater drip irrigation.  I mostly tried to optimize my raised bed garden and experimented with 3 different dirt gardens.  My raised bed garden outperformed all […]

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Rainwater Drip Irrigation Garden Phase 2

I’m planting my raised bed garden in 4 phases this summer to see if I can extend my harvest season.  I’ve also expanded the number of gardens that I use with my garden drip irrigation.  I expanded my rainwater drip irrigation system and have a lot more water stored to use.  In fact, with recent rains, […]

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