Container Garden

Death and Life in my Container Garden

Some plants are doing OK and some are dying. I’m still not sure why but someone suggested that is might be possible that my soil temperature is too high. I’ve ordered a soil thermometer. The beans continue to struggle. The cucumbers are growing, but very slowly. The spinach is officially dead. It’s probably not a […]

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Slow Growth in the Container Garden

My experiment in container gardening is going very slowly and I’m beginning to get suspicious that I’m not doing something properly as compared to a raised bed garden. The bush beans appear to be dying. The cucumbers are thriving. The tomato plants in the planter boxes are growing too fast and too high. [sc:catlinks]

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Container Garden Challenges

I continue to have trouble with my deck container gardening. The plants are not performing at the level that they should and I’m not sure why. The beans in my planter boxes look OK. The climbing beans are in back and the bush beans are in front. The cucumbers are proceeding nicely. Again, the climbing […]

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