Container Garden

New Season = New Deck Garden

Winter is quickly drawing to a close here in Central Texas and it is time to begin thinking about planting a new deck garden. My deck container garden ended poorly last year, primarily due to very high temperatures from the heat radiated from the deck back into the planter boxes. I used a soil thermometer […]

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Soil Temperature Problems in the Deck Container Gardens

Soil Temperature Problems Start ArisingĀ in the Deck Container Gardens… I asked the County Extension Agent to visit one day and help me find out what might be holding back the growth of my plants in the deck container gardens. The typical summer temperatures in Texas in the Summer range from 80 in the morning to […]

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Time for Tomato Cages

My container tomato plants are tall enough now that they need some support. I wanted to build a support system that would be usable for all of my plant containers. I bought “hog panels” at the Tractor Supply Store and some inexpensive aluminum conduit to build the support system. I measured and cut them all […]

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