Container Garden

Starting a Container Vegetable Garden

      Starting a container vegetable garden is simple but it is not easy.  I’m going to tell my story using photos of my container garden.  There are a number of tips and tricks that you can easily find in a wide variety of books, but nothing compares to tried and true experience.  I’m […]

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Drip Irrigation, Planter Box Problems and Sunshades in the New Deck Container Garden

The deck container garden has done very well during it’s first month.  The container gardening drip irrigation system appears to be working without any problems or major leaks.  The planter boxes are holding up well.  The plants appear to be growing healthily with just enough water to each plant pot.  The heat hasn’t been bad […]

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Refreshing the Planter Boxes for Starting a Deck Garden

Spring time has arrived in Central Texas and it’s time to take all the lessons I learned from last year’s deck container gardening and apply them to a new round of education, fun and starting a deck garden.  I had some success last year and am excited to get started again and take advantage of […]

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