Bobwhite Quail

Wild Bobwhite Quail Surrogator

Raising wild quail in a quail surrogator is simple but it is not easy – it requires some hard work and consistency during each cycle.  Each cycle is typically five weeks long and starts with setting up the quail surrogator.  Once it’s set up, the quail chicks need to be checked and tended once weekly.  […]

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Bobwhite Quail Surrogator Release – Reversing the Bobwhite Quail Decline

There is a lot of talk in recent years about the Bobwhite Quail Decline – also being called idiopathic decline.  Something is definitely harming the wild populations of bobwhite quail.  As I see it, we have a couple choices – do nothing or do something.  I’m not willing to “do nothing” because I truly enjoy […]

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Wild Bobwhite Quail Release #3

The wild bobwhite quail have been in the surrogator for 5 weeks and it is time to release them and start a new surrogator cycle. As I mentioned earlier, this is the first batch of wild quail that were started at one week of age instead of one day of age. Thus, they are six […]

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