Bobwhite Quail

Quail Surrogator Maintenance

Quail are messy, stinky birds. Your Surrogator is going to need cleaning regularly. The instructions say to power wash it after every cycle. I used to do that but transporting and resetting it every cycle was a PITA. Now, I only clean the Surrogator once yearly after the season. Your bobwhite quail are going to […]

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Building Bobwhite Quail Habitat and Locating the Surrogator

Bobwhite quail can be scarce in your location for a number of reasons. But, the primary reason is typically a lack of good or adequate habitat. In fact, I spend much more time and money building and manipulating the overall habitat than I ever do on the bobwhite quail and surrogator. And, while driving tractor […]

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Bobwhite Quail Feeders

I’m not a fan of feeders for bobwhite quail. I’ve tried several designs and it never appears to provide a benefit that is great than the cost. There’s also a valid argument about providing a banquet of quail to predators as they gather near a feeder that isn’t entirely wrong. I didn’t see predators eat […]

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