The test run for raising wild quail in a Quail Surrogator

Before I actually put wild quail chicks into the quail surrogator, it was recommended that I set it up and make sure that the heater and gas worked and that the watering system worked.

Quail Surrogator Test Setup

Quail Surrogator under Test in the Barnyard

I set the quail surrogator up in the barnyard.  This provided me with a protected environment where I could get a read on how well the surrogator will perform without human intervention over a week long period.  I fully loaded and configured the quail surrogator with a full water barrel, a full load of bobwhite quail chick feed and a full tank of gas running the heating unit.  This setup exposed the quail surrogator to the typical elements of wind and weather and helped give me confidence that it will perform as advertised when relocated into the pasture.




Monitoring Your Quail Surrogator


I also purchased a small game camera to monitor it so that I could test that as well.