Surrogator Parts and Pieces – Quail Raising Supplies

Wild Quail Raising Supplies


The wild quail surrogator for raising wild quail, maybe the most important piece of quail raising supplies, comes in parts & pieces that need to be assembled. This is actually a good thing as it makes it quite easy to move the surrogator from one place to another.




Wild Quail Raising Supplies

I am using the Surrogator XL Model and bought it as a package that included some quail chick feed, chick startr and an adult feeder.  The Surrogator comes in 2 pieces – the brooding end and loafing end.  In this photo, the loafing end is on the left and the brooding end is on the right. The only difference is that the loafing end has wire grates on each side to allow air to flow through and the brooding end is almost completely enclosed.



Brooding End of the Wild Quail Surrogator


This is a look down into the top of the brooding end of the wild quail surrogator.  The brooding end also contains the food, water and heat – all the quail raising supplies you need for the first week of life for a wild bobwhite quail chick.  The wild quail chicks live only in the brooding end for the first week.


Summary of Raising Wild Quail in a Surrogator

I expect that the surrogator will work like a champ in getting the wild quail chicks from week one to week five.  Following their release, we will need more wild quail raising supplies – quail range feeders, cameras, etc. to insure a return on the investment in time and money.


Update 9/2012 – Surrogator and Quail Raising Supplies

We have certainly learned a lot in the past two years of raising wild chicks.  As we have built and maintained our surrogator, making changes and learned as we’ve gone, it’s been quite an experience.  You can read about building our quail surrogator part 2 or read about building our quail surrogator part 3Our blog about our most recent season of chicks includes some important updates about the surrogator and what supplies we’ve found to be the most useful as well.