Hunting pen raised quail

Wild Quail vs. Pen Raised Quail

Sometimes you may find that¬†pen raised quail is your only option.¬† There aren’t very many wild quail in Central Texas. Modern farming methods of fence to fence cultivation have all but eliminated the brushy, weedy fence rows that wild quail need. Additionally, most pastures have been planted with grass and the native grasses and forbs that wild quail depend on for seeds have also disappeared.

The only real option appeared to be pen raised quail.

Quality of wild vs. pen raised quail

The quality of pen raised quail varies greatly depending on how they are raised and how they are offered for hunting.

Hunting preserves typically have larger birds that are slow to fly. Some smaller operators either incubate their own or raise them in flight pens so that they fly well.

At any rate, you can almost always have a good time and, if you’re diligent, get almost all of the birds you pay for.


It’s a very satisfying experience to train your dog on some pen raised quail; often, just as satisfying as training them using wild quail. Especially when it’s a job well done.


Even the anticipation of hunting quail can be exciting. Especially when you get a good long look at the quarry!



Limits of Hunting Pen Raised Quail

But, a problem can occur when pen raised quail are all you have available to hunt. Your dog can start to develop bad habits.

The bad habits don’t usually show up until you do hunt wild quail and your dog only has experience on pen raised quail.

So, what are you going to do?