Bobwhite Wild Quail Release #2

The second cycle of surrogated bobwhite quail are ready to release after five weeks in the surrogator.

There were no additional dead quails this week so we lost a total of 40 during the cycle and therefore release 85. Same as the last release.

This “release party”, as you can tell from the video below, was another big family event and everyone got a big kick out of it.

Unfortunately, I also learned a good lesson about video camera placement so I apologize in advance for the overly dark video.

The next step to load another batch of wild bobwhite quail will be to clean the surrogator, move it to a new prepared location and then reload it.



Wild Bobwhite Quail
One of the recent releasees trying to hide!
Wild Quail Flying
This batch flies really well – heading for cover already.