Bitcoin Links

A Note Before You Start

There are many different ways to buy, hold, and use Bitcoin. Most are complex and intimidating. I built this approach to be the simplest, easiest way for my friends and family to get started with Bitcoin. I think this approach is valid up to several thousand USD total. Amounts over that need a better approach so reach out to someone you trust for help. If you have my digits, please call me.

Where to Buy Bitcoin

River, Swan, and Casa (below) all have very high-quality Bitcoin information and links so you can learn more when you’re ready.

Wallets for Bitcoin

Casa Gold Wallet

You can also purchase Bitcoin directly IN the Casa wallet and it will be deposited directly into your wallet!

No, you don’t need a hardware wallet yet. When you think you do need a hardware wallet, simply upgrade to the Casa Platinum Wallet and it will have the hardware wallet capabilities you need.