The Bitcoin Testing Problem

I’ve been accumulating BTC since 2013. The recent discovery of the “inflation bug” helped me see what I think might be a problem with testing and test coverage. I also own a software testing company and have real world experience with the work product from newly trained developers that lack real-world experience.

2 Problems

1 – The BTC network and software applications need more test coverage, execution, and visibility to find and prevent defects or malicious actors from crippling or destroying the highly valuable BTC network.

2 – The BTC ecosystem is growing rapidly and projects are seeking qualified BTC developers that have verifiably real experience with BTC and a keen sensitivity to software quality.

1 Solution

A Bitcoin Testing Company that will
1 – build, expand, run & publish an easily accessible and informative open source BTC testing/reporting framework.
2 – build, train and promote BTC developers who are experienced with BTC testing.

The Bitcoin Testing Company

The purpose of the Bitcoin Testing Company is to continuously uncover and eliminate risk on the BTC blockchain and in the BTC developer community.
The goal of the Bitcoin Testing Company will be to build, run and publish the reference standard open source test library and talent pipeline.


Imagine having a place to quickly and easily
1 – determine the tested validity of the most recent version of the BTC software package you’re about to install and trust with your coins.
2 – download and run those same tests yourself to trust & verify the BTC software you use.
3 – see the current test coverage and where you can contribute additional tests.
4 – find, validate and hire a BTC developer who has real experience with the current BTC network and variety of software applications via their test contributions.
5 – start your own BTC developer path and publish/promote your own tests or testing tools to a wide audience of BTC project sponsors.
All this while continuously improving and expanding the security of the BTC network by adding tests and test execution to the BTC network.