Bitcoins & Censorship

One of the most valuable aspects of Bitcoin is it’s immutability and censorship resistance.

But, Bitcoin is seen as a threat by many – and those threatened will censor you.

The BBBC Newsletter has been censored by MailChimp.

I’m not arguing that I did or did not violate their acceptable use policies.

I asked and they won’t answer.

I suspect it was the Coinbase referral link I offered you.

Nevertheless, I violated their policies and it is completely within their right to halt my use of their service. They are a private company and not a public institution.

But, censorship is censorship and it’s underwritten by US Govt currency controls and regulations. These regulations are designed to keep people safe – at the expense of their liberty.

Bitcoin threatens that hegemony and many are afraid.

Be brave! Claim your Liberty!

I’m signing off this newsletter b/c I think I’ve laid enough groundwork to help most folks. I’m always available to talk about Bitcoin and help you in any way I can.

You know where to find me…..