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As the kids say these days, “I did a thing and I want to share it with you”.

I’m a Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency (BBC) enthusiast/fanboy.  I’m having a fantastic time learning and participating in the BBC ecosystem. I’m making a little money too and that adds to the fun.

Lately, I’ve talked with a number of friends who had misconceptions, fears, and bad facts.  I found that I could help them with a couple simple explanations and a link or two where they could learn more.

So, I’m building a newsletter to help my friends and family understand Bitcoins, Blockchains, and Cryptocurrencies.

I think you might like it and benefit from it so I’m sending you this invitation.

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Here’s a link to what I’m doing and why I’m doing it – Boomers, Bitcoins, Blockchains & Cryptocurrencies

First, listening to the news is absolutely the worst place to learn about BBC. I’ve learned a ton over the past 5 years in BBC and will share short accurate explanations so you can form your own opinions based on facts.  I know some of the good places to learn and I’ll share them with you.

I’m an active BBC investor and have formed some beliefs, opinions, and strategies based on what I’ve learned, seen and experienced. I’ll share these opinions and beliefs with you as well.

You should Do Your Own Research and form your own opinions, beliefs and strategies.

I’m not a financial advisor and you shouldn’t take my advice.

Lastly, I’ve learned that most of the power of knowledge lies in powerful thinking questions. I use thinking questions to motivate my own deeper learning. I’ll share these with you a well.

Here’s what you can expect:

I’ll compact it all into about 500 word nuggets that you can read during a break or listen to on your commute.

I’ll also archive them all on my hobby website so it will be easy for anyone to join in at any point in the timeline and go back and fill in concepts from previous posts.

I’ll do this approximately twice each month in an email newsletter.

I hope you’ll join us for some learning and fun.

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– Jeff