Private Quail Hunting In Texas

It can be difficult to find good wild quail hunting in Texas – much less wild pheasants or chukars. Many outfits offer private hunting with pen raised/released birds. They DO need to be licensed by the State of Texas as a private operator for bird hunting. This is an example of what you’ll typically see. […]

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Texas Goose Hunt for Sand Hill Cranes

Texas goose hunt can become a hunt for sandhill cranes which are legal to hunt in many counties in Texas. The season in Central TX usually starts the first weekend before Christmas and end in late February. Cranes have excellent vision and may be some of the most challenging waterfowl to hunt. It is not uncommon […]

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Gunfitting from a 10 year-old for Duck Hunting in Texas

I love taking my children with me when I go duck hunting in Texas. My girls are still young and don’t shoot yet but the time spent in the field, one on one, is irreplaceable. I’m confident that one day, they will each want to shoot but until that time comes, I’ll continue taking them […]

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