Dot’s 2020 VGP

More About Deutsch Drahthaar Drahthaar Testing Programs VGP Test Sat 10/10 We met about 7 at the BRC clubhouse and got paperwork started. Only 2 dogs - Dot and Justin Morales w Uber dog we’ve been testing with since VJP. Justin was an excellent partner to run a VGP with and just 2 dogs should [...]
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2019 Desert Quail Hunt #2

Jan 29, 2020 Away by 730. No easy way via Google maps. Fredricksburg to Del Rio to Marathon is better than I10. Fed and ran Dot first but dog farts. Scouting. Lol. I just got back to camp 4 by 5 PM. This place is huge! Depart HQ @ 520. Just missed javelina crossing the […]

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2019 Desert Quail Hunt #1

I’ve hunted desert quail with Bob King at the Santa Fe Guiding Company several times and it has always had a great adventure. This time was no exception. Dot is my new Deutsch Drahthaar pup and is in her first full hunting season at 1 1/2 years old. She hunted ducks yesterday morning and now […]

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