An Unlikely Series of Adventures

I Used to Hunt a LOT

I hunted a lot as a kid.  Mostly birds and deer.

Young Deer Hunters

Then, I went to college, got a job, moved around to different states, fell in love, got married, had babies, then kids….

After things settled down and I hit my mid-40s I started to get the itch again.  You know, outside, sunsets, weather, dogs, birds…

Yeah, you know.

Not enough adventures.


Dove and Quail Hunting in Mexico

My brother invited me on a dove hunting to Mexico. This was 2006 and we’d grown up in South Texas so it was safe and we were very familiar with Mexico and the language.

Those were the days!

Hunting in Mexico got really dangerous around about 2009.  That’s a damn shame for everyone involved.  Our outfitter ended up donating the entire facility to a charity orphanage.

Before it got crazy, it was amazing.

Foggy morning waiting for the grey rockets to commence their shenanigans
Foggy morning waiting for the grey rockets to commence their shenanigans

I understand that it’s safer now and getting safer each year.

Dove and Bobwhite Quail hunting in Mexico is fantastic. They have liberal limits, gracious hosts, fantastic accommodations and affordable prices.

I’m researching a trip back down there in 2016 so the adventures can continue.


A New Puppy Kindles the Fire

I didn’t have the opportunity to hunt bobwhite quail for many years.

Too busy chasing girls, then catching one…

Then work/career ate up far too much time chasing the ephemeral.

And then, in 2008, I saw a sign that said “Quail Hunt Dimebox”. “I wonder if that means what I think it means……”

Yep, you can hunt bobwhite quail in Dimebox, TX.

Mike and his sons run a fantastic operation.

I particularly liked his dogs – Brittanies.

At some point, I must have mentioned I was looking for a puppy – or Mike just used that as an excuse to get me on another hunt.

Jill is a white and brown Brittany spaniel puppy used for hunting bobwhite quail and meeting a large white Great Pyrenees dog.

Either way, Jill became my first hunting dog.

And the adventures continued.


And Then I Needed to Get Trained to Hunt

Since Jill had the interest in hunting, I decided to invest some time and money in getting both of us trained to hunt.  I discovered Sporting Clays which is a shotgun sport similar to Trap and Skeet.  In Sporting Clays, the targets are thrown from a machine in a pattern designed to resemble actual flushes and flights of different kinds of huntable birds – dove, quail, ducks, etc, rather than from consistent and known patterns like in Trap or Skeet.  I enjoyed Sporting Clays so much that I began practicing and competing on a regular basis.  Sporting clays is similar to actually hunting real birds but has some distinct differences.  Nevertheless, consistently practicing for Sporting Clays did make me a much better hunter – particularly because I can quickly diagnose any shooting issues/misses I have in the field from many hours of practice adjusting for misses on the sporting clay fields!

Jeff Competitive Shotgun Shooting